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Mental health is an area where ethical violations are common. Therefore, the clients' desire to get information about the training of the psychologist they prefer while choosing a therapist will prevent these violations from happening. If you are seeking psychological support for yourself or someone close to you, make sure that the therapist has a bachelor's degree in psychology. Büke Türkgil completed her undergraduate education in psychology and has the authority to use the title of Clinical Psychologist with her graduate education, the supervisions she received.
Büke Türkgil completed her undergraduate education in Psychology in English at Işık University. 'The factors of education level of the family, socioeconomic status and gender of the participant; He completed his thesis research on the effect of parents' behavior on the relationship between the participant's perspective on gender roles. During her undergraduate education, she took part in the intervention program with high school seniors. She did internship at Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital, Love Houses and various schools.
He completed his master's degree in the Department of Clinical Psychology of Kent University with his research on 'Examination of the Relationship Between Childhood Traumas, Ruminative Thought Style and Hopelessness Level in Adults with Childhood Traumas'. During this time, she worked as an assistant psychologist at a private counseling center and as a volunteer psychologist at Kartal Women's Counseling Center. In addition, she started to receive supervision during this period.
She completed ISST Schema Therapy training and took classes on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Kent University. She also continues to attend various trainings, supervisions, conferences, test trainings.
She currently continues her sessions online, she also takes an active role in Shema Therapy Turkey Association.

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